Setting your staff up for succes

As January wraps up, it’s important to remember that it’s not too late to set goals and targets. It is common for new year’s resolutions or most goals throughout the year to focus on physical health. We all know someone (if not ourselves) who intends to work out more and be more active. Although physical health remains important, since 2020 there has been a considerable shift towards a focus on mental health.


Healthcare organisations continue to experience a surge in staff burnout, physically and mentally, due to the ongoing battle to manage COVID-19 cases.


A recent article in the Guardian US talks about the similarity of healthcare workers experiencing stress levels similar to war veterans.


A fundamental problem throughout the pandemic on a global scale has been the shortage of staffing. Because of this, research shows that some healthcare professionals would look to change roles to leave areas where they provide care for COVID-19 patients or leave the healthcare industry entirely. In November 2021, research showed that in the US alone, 1 in 5 healthcare workers have quit their jobs since the pandemic.


Here at Celo, we have worked with numerous healthcare organizations to help deliver better healthcare during the pandemic. We believe that three key elements can instantly contribute to setting your staff up for success.


Staff should feel that they can communicate effectively and securely in the workplace. Research shows that 90% of clinicians already use smartphones at work, but only 27% use a secure messaging application in the workplace. To avoid unnecessary stress on staff from the risk of data breaches and fines, implement a secure solution that teams can use at work.


Also, a way to communicate with all staff can play a crucial role in ensuring consistency in rules and protocols in place. This can be achieved by sending broadcast announcements through features like Celo Broadcast, enabling you to reach your entire workforce in minutes.


Having the right tools to figure out exactly who you need to reach in the workplace is key to boosting collaboration. With a unified messaging system like Celo, you can reach and interact securely with the right colleague at the right time. Ultimately this contributes to staff being supported in their work - boosting productivity and delivery of care.


Empowering people to feel they are part of a community at work that will support and encourage them plays a vital role in their mental wellbeing. An easy to use platform like Celo can help staff seek support from others in the workplace and contribute to improved experience at work and reduce burn out. Most importantly, the ability to switch off from work by setting your “status” to do-not-disturb can be vital for the improvement of an individual's mental health.


As an organization you have a responsibility to keep your staff safe both physically and mentally. Through the use of appropriate tools and resources you can ensure the well-being of all your staff. At Celo, we’re here to help improve healthcare worker well-being, not just throughout the pandemic but beyond.


Our COVID-19 response tool kit helps to power healthcare teams in their response to the COVID-19 outbreak. From instant onboarding to our broadcast feature, Celo Enterprise contributes to a safe, engaged and positive work environment for teams and as a result delivers better patient outcomes.


If you're ready to embrace the new normal and take your team's collaboration and communication to a whole new level get in touch to learn more about our free secure and compliant healthcare messaging app.

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