5 avoidable mistakes that are hindering your patient relationships

In a healthcare organization, everything revolves around caring for others. The success of your entire operation depends on it, although many organizations are cutting corners. In this blog, we'll discuss the most common mistakes caregivers make when it comes to fostering trust with their most important asset: their patients.

A reminder of why you need a good relationship with your patients

Trusting someone with your health is a big deal. That's why there are better ways to go than cutting corners, as tempting as it may be.

By staying organized, being professional, and going by the book: you're on your way to building lasting relationships with your patients. If you want your healthcare organization to flourish, these are the most common mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 1: miscommunication between team members

Many modern healthcare facilities use technology to communicate: which opens the door for increased convenience as well as misinterpretations.

A research article states, "Communication errors are considered the most common cause of medical errors and should be largely preventable by well-designed procedural policies and good execution." Unfortunately, one minor miscommunication can result in patient injury or dissatisfaction, such as a slip-up in medication or a misdiagnosis. Which can have critical consequences.

Mistake 2: unprofessional forms of communication

Although technology is the easiest and most efficient way for healthcare teams to communicate with their patients, it's essential to use professional messaging software that is secure. Platforms such as email, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger should not be used, as they don't store PHI securely.

These platforms are not protected end to end, so it's possible for hackers to intercept messages and access confidential information. In addition, many caregivers use these platforms alongside personal messages, which can get mixed up or sent to the wrong person. 

Mistake 3: poor staffing, scheduling, and workflows

If you're struggling with day-to-day administrative tasks, your patients will notice. Insufficient workflows and disorganized scheduling doesn't make a good impression. If your patient needs to get in touch with a caregiver, knowing they can contact the right person at the right time will make a huge difference in building trust.

Whether you're amid a staff shortage or a system update, your patients should be blissfully unaware. Set up a scheduling software your team can rely on no matter what happens behind the scenes.

Mistake 4: inadequate transfer of information

A common source of error for healthcare providers is at the point of patient transition. When it comes to sharing information: misplacing patient documents such as discharge summaries or progress reports can result in serious malpractice claims. This happens more frequently when new employees are not trained thoroughly, and miscommunications are likely to occur.

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Mistake 5: ignoring HIPAA laws

Getting a HIPAA violation is highly destructive to your organization's reputation. When a violation occurs, organizations must provide a breach notification to affected individuals (your patients) and, in some cases, the media.

Protecting your patient's health information safely and securely is essential to preserving their rights and critical to your healthcare organization. Once their records have been violated, trust will be broken for existing and future patients. Read this article to fully understand the value and importance of protecting your patients' privacy.

Healthcare professionals have a responsibility to their patients

Your patients trust caregivers with the most sensitive information, you have an obligation to protect it. To build a legacy your patients can rely on, you should always keep the little things from slipping. These avoidable mistakes affect your overall brand and will only reflect poorly on your caregivers and patients.

The easiest way to improve your patient relationships

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