Great communication means happier staff

This blog focuses on how great communication helps your staff stay happier and improves engagement and retention in your organization.

Connect with your team

Introducing a purpose-built communication platform that works for your team is the first step to ensuring your team remains connected no matter what their job entails. The modern workforce demands modern tools, and that’s where Celo delivers. With Celo's HIPAA-compliant messaging tool, your team can stay connected effortlessly. The consumer look and feel of the app makes it easy to use and encourages users to separate work from personal life and safeguard PHI.  


Boost staff morale!

Morale: the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time.

Organizations should constantly be on the lookout for new ways to improve and boost staff morale. Sometimes technology creeps into the workspace when it doesn’t add any new value. For example, an IT team may think their staff needs something simply because the tech is cool, and often we see new technology introduced into care teams that are overly complicated to use, and doesn’t deliver immediate value, and leaves teams frustrated.

When Celo gets introduced, it immediately adds value by connecting the team, making the amount of time taken to connect and get advice from a team member a fraction of the time that it was before. Staff are happy they’ve been given a tool that makes their lives easier. 

They feel that the organization cares about them and is helping them do their job more easily by giving them the right tools! This instantly boosts morale across the team which can be felt right across the organization. 




A better feedback channel

Getting feedback from a widely distributed organization can be tough. Leaders of care organizations can sometimes go months without coming face to face with staff members, which means it’s often difficult to understand how the team is going or get direct feedback at regular intervals. Additionally, sometimes when the team gets together, it’s with a larger group of people where the environment is not always conducive to getting honest and open feedback. 

Celo can be used to create a secure feedback channel that allows management teams to receive ongoing feedback in real time, This allows for faster turnaround on resolving issues and opportunity to constantly improve and iterate on processes in the organization. 


Allow your staff to switch off

Care teams are under an enormous amount of pressure with staff shortages, illness, and an ever-increasing demand for care. Sometimes it becomes difficult to switch off from work when you're constantly receiving messages via text or email to a personal device. Celo has created a highly efficient and effective system where we allow care teams to switch off from work and only be notified when they are on duty or when they wish. Our activity feed and do not disturb features ensures you can give your teams the break they deserve when they’re not working but also get in touch with them if there's something urgent. 


More productive workforce 

Better morale, higher engagement, and better team connectivity means teams are ultimately more productive. With a more productive workforce, your organization is more profitable and more efficient. Introducing a highly efficient collaboration tool to your care teams could save your organization thousands of dollars every day.

To learn more about how Celo can transform organizations, check out the recent success story from Universal Home Care here:


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