Top 3 challenges faced by rural healthcare communities

Covid-19 did much more than overburden and strain the health care systems in the United States; it also exposed more challenges and inequalities to the rural communities that serve nearly 20% of Americans. Already struggling with the day-to-day challenges of providing care with limited resources and funding, rural hospitals and healthcare facilities we spoke to across the nation shared additional pain points:


  1. Geographic isolation

  2. High costs to Health Information Technology (including start-up costs, training, and maintenance.)

  3. A need for seamless, HIPAA Compliant networking and collaboration tools (which would also allow clinicians to communicate with others at different locations.)


Taking those needs into account, our team at Celo remains focused on breaking down the barriers, creating a secure, HIPAA compliant communication and collaboration solution specifically for people in healthcare by people in healthcare. 

We equip clinicians and healthcare providers with an avenue to share and collaborate with colleagues no matter where they are - while ensuring that all patient information and communication (including photos and videos) is globally accredited and HIPAA compliant.

This is especially important as hospitals (and healthcare overall) remain heavily targeted by cyber threats and attacks. In addition, our natural high adoption rates, ease of use, and accessibility to the system prevent the need for high costs of maintenance and training. Organizations also have insights into a reporting dashboard, allowing visibility of how staff communicates using the Celo platform and HL7 or FHIR integrations, enabling tight integration into existing EHR systems. 

Although challenges will always be present and test our health care systems, it also allows the opportunity for innovation and implementation of solutions to offset those roadblocks - so clinicians and providers can focus on what matters most - their patients.