3 tips to keep staff satisfied and engaged

A happy and engaged workforce is crucial for your healthcare organization’s success and patient satisfaction. Studies show that “strong relationship exists between employee satisfaction and patients' perceptions of the quality of their care, measured in terms of their intent to return and to recommend the hospital to others. Employee dissatisfaction can negatively affect quality of care and have an adverse effect on patient loyalty and, thus hospital profitability.” 

Why is patient satisfaction important?

Better patient outcomes
Employee satisfaction has been linked with significant improvements in patient care and outcomes. According to one study, a more engaged care team was directly related to reduced mortality and complication rates. Reducing these factors in your healthcare organization should be a key quality goal.

Better for your business

Studies show that hospitals with less engaged and happy workers spend $1.1 million more per year in malpractice claims than those with the most engaged nurses. Healthcare providers will provide better care if they are happier and invested in their jobs. This will also improve the reputation of your organization, helping retain your current happy clients, while also bringing in new business.


3 tips to have a satisfied workforce

Learning and development

Employees who have access to education programs, training opportunities, and relevant conferences will often be very engaged. Development opportunities within an organization can lower attrition and increase worker efficiency while also helping your organization leverage in-house talent, saving on training and hiring costs in the long run.

Keep software and systems up to date

Continuously evaluate the hardware and software platforms being used in your day-to-day workflows. What is inefficient and replaceable? Does your team have all the tools needed to fulfill their duties efficiently?

For example, make sure you aren't still using Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP. Both of these applications are no longer supported, and using either could lead to many vulnerabilities and therefore, HIPAA violations.

Reduce stress - make life easier with efficient tools, workflows and management

Implementing the right tools to boost collaboration can reduce stress in your team. Introducing better communication is vital for keeping your team engaged and up to date with their daily tasks. Having modern, easy-to-use platforms is a great way to improve efficiency while also giving your staff peace of mind that they have all the tools required to do their job properly and safely.


It is vital that staff is happy, satisfied and engaged with their workplace. This will mean your teams are performing at their best and providing the best possible care. 


Keeping teams engaged with Celo: 

Here is how Celo's features can boost engagement within your staff:

Celo Broadcast

Celo Broadcast allows you to broadcast messages quickly to your entire team, or certain departments. Send them a daily quote, request feedback, or reach them quickly for time-critical tasks. All while keeping track of delivery and viewership metrics.


Instant messaging without worrying about implications of a data breach

Celo’s instant messaging functionality is as easy to use as consumer-grade messaging platforms. Gone are the days of clunky and unpolished healthcare enterprise tools. Your teams will naturally reach for Celo once it has been rolled out in your organization. This takes away the worry of HIPAA breaches and ensures compliance and security for you employees, patients and organization.